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Thank you for deciding to use Web-1 Hosting as your web host provider! To begin the signup process, we need to know the domain you wish to use with your account.

The domain you choose can be a new one you would like Web-1 to register or a domain you already own and would like Web-1 Hosting to manage for you.

Starting recently, we can also provide one free year of domain registration when you transfer a domain you already own from its current registrar to us!

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Free Domain Registration - Web-1 Hosting will register this domain on your behalf for a period of one year completely free of charge.

Free Domain Transfer - Web-1 Hosting will help you transfer your domain from its current registrar to our registrar. This will allow you to take advantage of the free one year domain registration even if you already own your domain name.

No Action - Web-1 Hosting will take no action and will assume you know how to register or change DNS servers for your domain and need no help. (Our DNS information is provided in your signup notification email.)

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